In The Beginning
Ahem. I'm looking at you. Yes, you. You think it's easy running multiple sites? I'm just a person, like you, trying to balance her responsibilities. Sure. I abandoned this site for a while. I didn't have the time, or I forgot. But I came back to face my mistake. That takes courage. That takes bravery. Look at you. Would you have done it? I thought not. Join or not. See if I care. See if I care one bit. -Flamey.

In the beginning, there was only feral madness. There was much fighting, and blood was shed over land and hunting rights. The dead then had enough. They chose Thunder, Wind, River, and Sky to lead groups of cats called clans to put an end to the fighting.
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Art, playing bass
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You know when that some one just is being mean to you but your not saying anything back and you just look into their face. That's when you turn tiny and run around on the lunch table and look how big the glass of water is. So, that's also when you go swim around the glass of water. Till you know some one takes a sip of the water. From that, you must die.